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Newsletter October 2019

Newsletter October 2019

We started his month with the celebration of the International Day of the Child on October 1st. It was a beautiful day for the deaf pupils with games, tasty snacks, cake and presents!

A few days later followed the International Teacher’s Day. All the children made a nice “Thank You” card for their class teacher.

Every year two lady friends from Groningen (Tine & Janny) spend their holiday in Sri Lanka and also visit our Deaf School. Six years ago they brought 2 young deaf brothers from a small house on the beach, close to their Hotel, to our Deaf School. Now they visit us yearly and are anxious to see the progress of the two deaf boys. Also this time they brought nice materials for the School and a donation.

Oshini (13 years old) became a “big girl” beginning of this month. In the Sri Lankan Culture this a very important moment and there are rituals to be followed. After she came back to school her parents gave a lunch for all the deaf children and staff members.

On October 22nd Mrs. Marion Winter from Germany visited us and brought very expensive special hearing aids for 12 of our pupils who are almost fully deaf. The children were very happy, we could read it from their faces! She also brought games to be used for the speech therapy and a donation.

On October 25th the Trainees from Agriculture sat for their Final Agriculture Theory NVQ-3 Exam, followed by the Practical Part on October 28th.

Mid October 2 of our deaf boys were bitten by a scorpion in their washing place what is located outside. Because of all the rain these animals come out of their hiding places. The first victim was Lakshitha. We took him quick to the doctor inclusive the scorpion in a jam bottle. The doctor laughed that we brought also the attacker. It was not a very dangerous one, so we dropped it at the back of our school garden. The next victim was Kaveesha, two days later. Again we went to the doctor, this time with a huge scorpion in the jam bottle. This was enough. A mason filled all the holes in the bath room and now we hope this nightmare is finished.

Ton and Gerard from the Netherlands are coming regularly to visit our School. They live already 30 years in Sri Lanka, close to our Deaf School. They are full of surprises! Last month they had a Jubilee and collected money for several Charity Projects in Sri Lanka, also for our School. That was wonderful as we were able to buy some special electrical kitchen machines for our School Kitchen.

Sri Lanka is already in the mood for the Presidential Elections on November 16th. All the Schools in Sri Lanka will be closed for one week during the elections to give the staff members the chance to vote in their village.